Gilgeori-Toast or Korean Street Toast is a popular street food found during the breakfast hours in South Korea. It is made with butter, eggs, vegetables, bread and sugar. It's a great dish to start your day off with and best of all, you can add any ingredients you like.

Korean street toast sells mostly as breakfast, it is Korean style of Grab-and-Go type of breakfast. The signature of Korean street toast and what makes it different than any other egg sandwich out there is amount of veggies and the sweet flavor. Korea, we love vegetables in our meals. We’ve got to have vegetables in every single meals. Egg sandwich is not an exceptional. So there is a lot of veggies in it. Also this Korean street toast is not only savory, but balanced beautifully with sweet flavor. Classic way is just sprinkle some sugar, even though now days a lot of this street toast chain restaurants use their own special sweet sauces. I’m sharing the classic version since it will be the most easiest recipe. Hope you guys enjoy and try this Korean street toast one day as your breakfast!

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